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Rules for park users

Entrance to the facilities is subject to capacity.

Pet animals will not be allowed in the park.

The user who comes to the park to enjoy his leisure time will have to comply with the rules of correct use of the facilities, as well as attend to the instructions that can be given through the indicator signs, public address system and above all through the monitors and lifeguards who ensure your safety and that of other users.

From 16 years old you can access alone. Minors under 16 years of age must be supervised at all times by the persons responsible for their custody.

Watch out for sun risks, use sun creams before and during your stay.

Waiting lines must be respected in turn and other people will not be allowed to save space.

Each installation is designed to make it a particular use, for which only by complying with the rules of use is the total safety of users guaranteed. It is the violations of these rules, which lead to inappropriate use of the facilities, which make the activity carried out in the water park unsafe.

On the contrary, a correct use of the facilities (which involves following the norms indicated and the indications of the specialized personnel of the park), will guarantee the safety of the user at all times.

In order to use the facilities, in addition to complying with the general and specific rules of each of them, the user must be in perfect physical and mental condition. These conditions must be taken into account because in most cases a disability cannot be detected by the service monitor. You must be in normal health to use the attractions. People with back problems, heart problems, motion sickness and pregnant women cannot make use of all the attractions. Pregnant women cannot use the slides.

People with diseases that can spread in contact with water cannot use the aquatic facilities.

In addition to the rules of use of the facilities, the user will have to respect the rest of the indications distributed throughout the park, which, in addition to guaranteeing safety, are aimed at maintaining the necessary order and hygiene inside the park.

In particular, it is necessary to respect the following rules:
Sun loungers and hammocks can only be used in the appropriate places for their use (solariums of the swimming pools), and their transfer to other areas is prohibited.

It is not allowed to play ball in any of its forms, or play with objects that can be thrown, hoops, etc.
The picnic can only be practiced in areas specially arranged and indicated for it. Not in border areas.
The park has background music to make your stay pleasant, so it is not allowed to use private musical equipment that could disturb another user if it is not with the use of headphones.

No user may interrupt the surveillance activity of specialized park personnel.

It is essential that for everyone’s safety the vigilant activity of the park staff is not distracted.

Entrance tickets, passes and promotional coupons are personal and non-transferable, and cannot be resold or endorsed. They must be kept during the entire stay in the Aquatic Park facilities and shown to our staff, if required.

Torn, amended, photocopied or deteriorated will not be accepted.

The amount of the ticket will not be refunded for weather reasons, power cuts or any other reason beyond the control of the company.

The management of the park, which reserves the right of admission, may also, if the conduct of one or more users is not correct, proceed to their expulsion from the premises. In this case, the user will not be entitled to a refund of any amount that they would have paid for the entrance or for any of the services that are left inside the park.

In these cases, the Park Management reserves the right to file legal actions that could give rise to the events that occurred.

General rules

Some areas and facilities of the water park are under video surveillance.
Smoking is prohibited in the offices, children’s and family areas, inside the facilities, restaurants and queues at all the attractions.
It is not allowed the consumption of drugs, narcotics or psychotropic substances.
Most of Aquarock’s attractions have mechanical and electrical components, which is why they are subject to maintenance or breakdown.
In either case, the company may have a or various attractions out of use not assuming in his case no responsibility before the user. In the event that one or more attractions are out of use, you will not be entitled to a full or partial refund of the entrance fee.
Nor will the user be entitled to any refund of the amount in the event that once inside from the park, inclement weather will cause the decision to close the facilities or even the enclosure.
The director of the park may decide to evict the enclosure for security reasons in the event of an accident or serious breakdown or threat of explosives or other guy. As in the previous cases, the user will not be able to demand a refund of any amount.
It is forbidden to join any route outside the departure platform.
For security reasons, it is forbidden to use the attractions wearing glasses, pendants, bracelets, watches, chains, large earrings or any item that may pose a risk to the safety of the user. These elements can deteriorate the structure of the attractions themselves.
People who do not know how to swim are required to use devices that promote buoyancy (approved life jackets).
For reasons of hygiene and safety, the user You only have to wear a bathing suit to use the attractions.
We inform you that the water in all the pools and attractions is treated with chlorine (15% sodium hypochlorite) and salfuman, as well as the use of the LPH product (liquid degreaser) for cleaning the attractions.

The entry of food and/or drinks from outside is not allowed.

Obligation to notify accidents, thefts, loss of objects, etc. Every client-user is obliged to report any incident or mishap that may occur when using the facilities.

The following describes the rules of use of each of the park’s attractions as well as the instructions for the use of complementary services. Compliance with these rules guarantees the user correct use of the installation.


  • 1.20 cm minimum height for some rides.
  • The user has to launch from the exit ramp following the indication of the monitor located there.
  • The user is not allowed to stop voluntarily during the tour, or stand up or leave the facility at an intermediate point.
  • Once in the reception pool, the user will get out of it as soon as possible and follow the instructions of the lifeguard located there.
  • It is strictly forbidden to launch two or more users at the same time, as well as carry a small child in your arms. For reasons of hygiene and safety, the user must wear only a bathing suit.